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Parable #3 : Maia - I Roar Amidst The Chaos

Maia Sethna Indian | Fashion Blogger, Luxury Travel Consultant, Wellness Enthusiast


For me, being radical is about taking a stand for what you believe is right, without just blindly following the masses and going with the flow.  It is about courage, not the kind that makes you roll up your sleeves and fight, but the kind that listens to your inner voice and tries to do what’s right.  As moralistic as this may sound it’s something that the world needs now.

Your twenties is an interesting place to be at… I feel it’s about; discovering who you are and finding your place in this world; finding your voice in this endless cacophony of opinions. But you better watch out- amidst all the chaos, you’re gonna hear me roar!


I started modeling at 19 and was quickly in deep. I was bright eyed and enthusiastic, and booked jobs regularly.  But in due course, I was exposed to a lot of criticism about my physical appearance, as most youngsters in the industry are. Being a sensitive young girl, these comments hit a nerve and penetrated so deeply that I began to believe them.  

I fought a daily battle with myself, finding it really hard to meet those misplaced standards of beauty that had been set for me as a model.  I began to be cautious about what I was eating, and made it a point to work out heavily. I began restricting myself from my favourite foods as I was eager to see results fast. I was desperate to fit in and in the process I was reduced to an unhealthy version of myself.

An unhealthy body was viewed as beautiful, and it just didn’t make sense to me anymore.  Today, looking after my health and wellness has never been a bigger priority and that’s what I stand for. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, curves are back in and everybody loves a big booty and curves – thanks to Kim Kardashian! 

Well, I may not have those curves, but I love what I am. Looking after myself and nourishing my body is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Everyday can’t be a good hair day or perfect skin day, and I am okay with that. I have come to believe that beauty truly reflects when you are at ease with yourself and embrace your imperfections. 

Be radical,  be- you – tiful !


Paradox Parables is an anthology of short anecdotes from the lives of diverse individuals faced with opposing ideas, opportunities and decisions. What they choose to do makes them who they are. They are Radical.

March 29, 2017 by Radical Paradox