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Parable #4 : Nawed - Fighting Against All Odds

Nawed Khan Indian | Artist | DJ

Striving to chase your dreams and fighting against the social norm to pursue a 9-5 monotony is what I would associate as being radical in relation to how I persisted with my choice of profession against my parents wishes. As a DJ back in the late 2000s the only way to make a comfortable living in the Indian diaspora was to be associated with Bollywood music, the international dance music boom we see now was not even a speck on the horizon at the time, my career was at a very comfortable position thanks to a ton of help from my very dear friend Nikhil Chinapa and some 30 odd movies that I produced music for with his association.


Come 2012 at the peak of my "Bollywood" career I decided to quit making music for the Indian film industry and decided to pursue the reason I wanted to be a DJ in the first place; electronic dance music, though I lost a considerable amount in revenues what I gained was a new found love for my work and till date I'm happy that I took that decision and more recently, I've created a moniker 'Browncoat' which delves into the deeper and more intricate side of dance music.


Paradox? Maybe! 

Paradox Parables is an anthology of short anecdotes from the lives of diverse individuals faced with opposing ideas, opportunities and decisions. What they choose to do makes them who they are. They are Radical.
April 06, 2017 by Radical Paradox