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Parable #6 : Varun - Making My Own Rules
Varun Thakur | Comedian | Actor

Radical means not to be a conformist. To make your own rules and carve your own path no matter how tough the obstacles. But more importantly radical means to be you because there's a little radical in everybody.


On the night of 31st October 2011. I was doing my first ever open mic night at Vir Das' hamateur night. Prior to that, the only comedy I did was sitting around with my friends on a terrace and prank calling Vodafone call centres. I used to love watching a lot of stand up comedians but never thought I'd ever become one. My friends and family though always thought I should try. Just like that I enrolled for the open mic and ended up winning it.

 This was at a time when there were 6 and half people doing comedy in English. So it definitely wasn't a logical career option. But something about being on stage that night and seeing those people laugh totally changed my mind. That's the night I decided that I don't care if I don't make any money for a while, I don't care if there is 'no scene' yet ,comedy is something I wanna do. And rest as they say is history. Everything I am right now is because of those 3 mins on stage and the decision I took that night! 


Paradox Parables is an anthology of short anecdotes from the lives of diverse individuals faced with opposing ideas, opportunities and decisions. What they choose to do makes them who they are. They are Radical.
April 20, 2017 by Hans Kapadia