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Parable #8 : Abhishek Bhatia - Make Yourself An Institution

Abhishek Bhatia Musician | Architect

"The new age we live in forces us to experience a certain pace of existence. I’ve felt the need to conform to ideas and thoughts just so that I could be better at something. Hence comes a comparison and a sense of winning. 
Of what I’ve learnt and experienced, being an artist, is to sleep in peace, you need to stop competing with your surroundings and have your own set of rules. Sort of compete with yourself. Its' a similar battle to a 9-5 job. But it makes YOU an institution, with your set of principles and whatever made up incentives. Being radical, as simple as it may sound, to me is working for yourself, thus making you and your mind slightly different from a whole bunch. 

I’m a musician and I’m also an architect. When I had a stable 9-5 job, I used to come back and work on music. Now that I’m working on tons of music projects, I work on architecture only once I’m free. So I’m never really free. People have a tough time trying to understand how I manage it. There are times when I also realise that I’m stuck in a constant whirlwind. But I guess life is full of paradoxes and there’s no other way around it. At least for me there isn’t."
Curtain Blue is Abhishek Bhatia's solo project. Vocalist of a Delhi based band, The Circus, Abhishek has also been producing his own electronic music and has finally decided to take it live in the Curtain Blue avatar.View Abhishek's work here

Paradox Parables is an anthology of short anecdotes from the lives of diverse individuals faced with opposing ideas, opportunities and decisions. What they choose to do makes them who they are. They are Radical.
May 24, 2017 by Radical Paradox