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Paradox #2 : Suraj - One Fine Day I Just Woke Up

Suraj Wanvari Indian | Filmmaker

I knew I wanted to be a film maker by the time I was 19. However a lack of belief and circumstance kept me from living my dream. I was constantly circling around it but never got to it. There were times when I was really low, only because I wasn't taking the chance. Even the people close to me including a lover felt that I did not have it in me. 

One fine day, I just woke up and said I'm doing it. 3 years late, I'm proud to have a decent body of work. This is one of my most proud moments. 

A large paradox for me is the rat race life we live in cities. Our minds are not open to exploring. I was a victim of similar circumstance. Having spent a lot of my time and energy just working and being closed to opening my mind to broader horizons. As a country, we do not inculcate a habit of travel and exploring different cultures in our children. As residents of Mumbai we do not even explore what the state has to offer. Recently I decided to put everything I was doing on hold, and just travel. I chose Cuba as the country I wanted to explore and spent a month there. It was an interesting growth/learning experience for me. They don't even have internet in their homes! Still, people are extremely creative, well read and create such beautiful pieces of art. The poverty is another thing altogether. Still people seem to be happy and live life without regret. I personally landed up in some trouble as once I got there I realised none of my cards worked and I was carrying very little cash with me. It is almost impossible to transfer money from India to Cuba. So I was basically stuck with no way out. In this situation I had 2 choices, take a flight out or live within my means and explore the country against all odds. I chose to stay and see what happens. A month of adventures, hitchhiking, free stays and meals later, I had managed to go all the way to the south of Cuba and come back to Havana. It made me appreciate the benefits we enjoy and use my resources in smarter ways. It taught me that no matter what, i could get by if I believed I wanted to.

A constant endeavour to ensure that one does not get stuck in any pattern while making any life choice. Change is the only constant, accepting this and having an ever open mind is my idea of being radical.

View Suraj's work here.

Paradox Parables is an anthology of short anecdotes from the lives of diverse individuals faced with opposing ideas, opportunities and decisions. What they choose to do makes them who they are. They are Radical.

March 16, 2017 by Radical Paradox